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Reordering musical elements, patterns, and machines, Permutation is a duo of music producers from Barcelona who bridge influences from electro and techno to 90s IDM. For this debut release, they deliver four immersive tracks full of hypnotic breakbeat rhythms and deep atmospheric pads halfway between music for the dancefloor and home listening.Release date: 22nd November 2019
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Escupemetralla, a veteran industrial/experimental music duo from Barcelona, celebrates 25 years of their song Quiero Ser Guitarra De Esplendor Geométrico with a double-CD remix compilation.Release date: 14th December 2019
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All tracks are written and produced by Dmitry Bogdanov and Edgar D-Mode.

In media

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DVS NME, Sesiones:Electrónica
Will Web: Breaking Waves, Deep Space Radio, Detroit [1]
Will Web: Breaking Waves, Deep Space Radio, Detroit [2]
Alex Steiner
m50, WNUR FM, Chicago [1]
m50, WNUR FM, Chicago [2]
Headz.FM, Megapolis FM, Moscow
Electrónica & Roll
Andrey Pushkarev
Damo B: Outta Limits, Unity Radio, Manchester [1]
Damo B: Outta Limits, Unity Radio, Manchester [2]
Damo B: Outta Limits, Unity Radio, Manchester [3]
Danielle, NTS Radio, London
Jose Saez, NNY Podcast
Jane Fitz, Rinse FM, London
Anna Wall, Rinse FM, London
DJ Kabij (Distant Worlds), 1020 Radio, Bristol
Trackwerk [1]
Trackwerk [2]
DJ Punch: Electro Boogie, Raadio 2, Tallinn
Buzz Compass, High Groovin' Sessions
Kinetic, Nitsa Mix, Barcelona
Duboreal, Family House Sessions
Alex Downey, Voyage de Lux, 1BTN, Brighton
AE35, Diffuse Reality
Tom Stubbs, Influx Radio
Mi Croevkhas, New New World Radio, Moscow
Cev: Movement Through Thought, aNONradio [1]
Cev: Movement Through Thought [2]
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