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Reordering musical elements, patterns, and machines, Permutation is a duo of music producers from Barcelona who bridge influences from electro and techno to 90s IDM and ambient electronica.

Having met at hardware music jam events in the mid-2010s, they soon developed a thorough studio collaboration and premiered their debut EP in 2019. Their music got the attention of Philip Sherburne, Will Web (Deep Space Radio, Detroit), m50 (WNUR, Chicago), Jane Fitz (RinseFM), Danielle (NTS Radio), DVS NME (Dark Science Electro), Dave Clarke, OpenLab, Dan Curtin, DJ Pete (Substance), DVS1, nd_baumecker, Move D, Andrey Pushkarev, and Scanner, among others.

Permutation has been described as atmospheric, emotive, and groovy, yet mental, technical, and complex in drum programming, sometimes compared to a classic "deep Detroit / Artificial Intelligence" vibe. They would not oppose: after all, they are long-time aficionados of the independent electronic music scene with those particular inclinations, and they both come from high-tech engineering backgrounds, be it music technology or industrial robotics, in their daily lives.

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Permutation release their second EP on 3 June 2022.